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Dear Light Skinned...Dark Skinned...

What is Colorism? Where did it come from? Why is it still here? What is its purpose? Light Skinned? Dark Skinned? If you are like me then you have probably asked this question or all of them at some point. Can you imagine someone telling your daughter, “they do not do light skinned?” The look on our faces and the feeling in our hearts agreed, what exactly did this mean? This question forced me to look within, to look back, and begin to strategize on how to move forward. Read more, link below:

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Dear Light Skinned...Dark Skinned...(kids)

What happens when the teacher is the bully? What happens when the teacher does not want to see the kids excel and prevail? This is a story you must read. Tiana, Serenity, and Trinity must first overcome one major challenge to face their biggest challenge ever. Read more, link below:


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Church Hurts

How many of you can relate to being hurt by the church? Better yet, how many of you can relate to being hurt by the people of the church? Have you ever experienced a church hurt one too many times and then one day you are just fed up? Maybe, you have never been hurt by the church but knows someone who has. How many of you can relate to staying somewhere longer than what God intended? He will allow life to get uncomfortable for you, but you still remain. Read more, link below:

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How The Pandemic Saved Christmas

This is another must read! Come see how the author and her co-author put a creative spin to the Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol. In the midst of the pandemic an uncertain times. This mother and daughter share their experiences while in quarantine and living in a new normal. One night they kneeled down to pray and her daughter begin to share how this year (2020) was one of her best ever. Wow! The inspiration behind How The Pandemic Saved Christmas. Read more, link below:

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I Am Not Saying She Was A Gold Dig​ger...

Oneofakind Tiffany is one of the most authentic,  bold, Christian, honest, inspirational and transparent up and coming author's. I'm not saying she was a Gold Digger is another must read! You have to see how this story unfolds. She hopes to help every woman discover that they are the gold worth digging for! Get your copy Today! Read more, link below:


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My Story: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

 -preparation for my destiny-

My story is a life changing book is the best way to describe this authenticity, honesty, raw truth, and transparency put into this book. It will inspire you towards, forgiveness, healing and the encouragement, you need to get pass any hurdle in your life. If you need encouragement, inspiration and motivation to get up and get going this is a MUST HAVE. 

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Every Freckle On My Face...

This book will warm your heart! It is creatively written with bonus surprises inside. Taylor takes you on her journey of learning to embrace what makes her unique! . We live in a time where everyone is trying t​o change something about themselves. To make it bigger, smaller, less, lighter, etc., This book is simply about embracing what makes you unique and the fact that God doesn't make mistakes. You are exactly who God created you to be! To all my freckle faced friends! Check out the Amazon reviews!


A Rose is Still A Rose

This is a book collaboration of stories of women and their daughters from various backgrounds an situations they overcame. Get your copy today!

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