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 I can recall over the years the lack of authentic mentorship or women who really took the time to teach you business or just give back to those coming after them. If you add this to the lack of support and the ability to work with other women in a manner to build and collaborate in a healthy environment. Well, SiStars, the SiStarhood founded in 2019, for women, by women, in support of women.


I had no idea what God had in store for this organization but I know that after forming SiStars at my Corporate job in 2017. After several ladies were sent to me. They were older than me but just like 24 years before as I was recruiting for the Army interested High School recruits, girls and boys always felt comfortable opening up to me. We ultimately, formed a SiStarhood, a safe space on the job where we could confide in one another, pray for one another, work out with one another, and support one another. 


I have had an entrepreneur mind set for over 20 years. I have been a successful entrepreneur, mentor, community activist, and volunteer in my church, community, and our local schools from Virginia to Texas. I have received local, state, National, and Presidential accolades. Her mentor program has a proven track record of producing productive ladies. Ladies well versed in leadership and service once they have OneofaKind in their lives.


SiStars, will be an organization that will bridge the gap between my mentor program OneofaKind Girls ages 7-24. This program will provide a support system for young ladies graduating into becoming an adult be it in their careers, graduate school, or entrepreneurship. It will truly be a SiStarhood, a safe space for women, created by a woman, to truly support other stars also known as SiStars. Our hopes are to finalize our non profit under a different name to be determined at the time of formation. 


We are hoping to be able to provide funding, education, and countless resources to younger women, young adults, and other women no matter their ages. We are talking scholarships to help  SiStars, who are truly tired of feeling like they are in competition with another SiStar. Here at OneofaKind is looking This division was created a long time ago and its only purpose is to keep us divided. We accomplish much more together. It's time my 



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