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An ongoing series of thoughts and writings from OnefaKind

The Blessing in the Math Lesson

September 30, 2020

I have had the blessing of enjoying assisting my daughter with school. I mean is it not a blessing to assist with your kids learning experience. So, as we are discussing multiplication and division of integers. God had this aha moment with me. So the rules are simple if you are multiplying/dividing a number with the same sign it’s answer is positive. But if the numbers have different signs the answer is negative. So God, showed me the Spiritual angle and I hope it blesses you too. You do realize that this battle we are in right now is not physical right? It’s Spiritual!!!


As a child of God, God specializes in taking what the enemy meant for your bad and making it work for your good. So two negative situations does not necessarily mean its all negative. But just like in Math, God can still guarantee a positive outcome from a double negative experience. Then, the last rule is if you are multiplying or dividing a negative and a positive number, the answer is negative.


So, I am studying my word, when I come across a verse in Deuteronomy 22:9, which says, do not plant two kinds of seeds in your vineyard. If you do you will forfeit what you have sown. Now, this was a word for me and a friendly Math blessing. You cannot expect good seeds, good harvest, good etc., to come out of your vineyard if you planting two kinds of seeds. You cannot plant hatred, anger, bitterness, ill will, harming or wishing others bad. Then, plant a little love, blessings, prosperity, increase, grace, etc., over here. In other words, you cannot plant blessings and cursing’s and expect blessings! He said, how can blessings and cursing come out of the same mouth. It cannot. I come to encourage you to be careful of the seeds you plant. You cannot plant two different kinds of seeds and expect a blessing. 


You cannot mix your Godly with a little ungodly and expect blessings. It’s not possible, even if it looks like a blessing in disguise. What you sow, you will reap, in due season. But also in those times, God wanted to ensure that they were separated from those unlike God. It makes perfect sense why if you try to multiply or divide a negative and positive number, the answer will always be negative.


Please watch the seeds you plant in your Vineyard!

The Vacuum Message

September 7, 2020

Today, I decided I would vacuum all the areas of the house that needed vacuuming. As, I begin to vacuum, I could hear the noise and see the vacuum. But I couldn’t see the lines left in the carpet, nor did I feel that pull that let me know that the vacuum was properly doing it’s job. See, just like the vacuum we all have an assigned purpose. Just because I have this vacuum over here, doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of vacuums all over the world doing the same thing over there.


The purpose of the vacuum is to suction in order to remove debris from floors, upholstery, draperies and other surfaces. Come thru JESUS! So, after emptying the filter (yes our filters need to be emptied sometimes), I turned the vacuum upside down and noticed why the vacuum was not properly functioning. See, my daughter does hair and so, she had accidentally vacuumed a lot of hair that I imagine after the wheels could only take so much, it stopped fulfilling its purpose. (My GOD) So, I had to clear all that hair and junk off the wheels so the vacuum could go back to doing its job and serving it’s purpose.


Well, just like the inoperable vacuum, some of us are making noise, we sound like a vacuum, we look like a vacuum, but beneath the surface, we got too much junk in our hearts and minds (lack of forgiveness of others and ourselves), hurts and pains (by self infliction, life, and others) judgment and excuses, stuff we blurt out about others because we fail to realize what God truly knows about us! Hustling and manipulative spirit still upon some. We don’t see your vacuum lines. (Lord Help Us) and we wonder why we have lost our power and effectiveness. Listen, just like the vacuum, we were ALL birthed for and with a specific purpose. And if we don’t stop, think, heal, forgive, etc., we are just as ineffective as the clogged vacuum. This is a mighty fine time to stop and get your life, heart and mind RIGHT. Yes, we see you and hear the noise, but the question is are you being effective and are you fulfilling your purpose? Lastly, but most importantly, IS IT BRINGING GOD GLORY? Consider the lines, which are the evidence…


How many of you would buy a vacuum, get home and realize it doesn’t work and be like okay, no problem? Highly unlikely. You would take it back where you purchased it and explain it is not doing its job. When I finally got that hair cleared from the wheels and the suction pump, I praised God for those vacuum lines in the carpet. Better yet, I rejoiced because with God he is sure to ALWAYS give you a message. Maybe, just maybe, this was to get the world to stop and get their houses in order. To get their hearts & minds right. And to begin to fulfill your purpose that will bring Glory to God’s name.

May this Vacuum message bless you like God used it to bless ME!!!

You will Love...

April 24, 2020

You will love and not be loved back. Give and not receive. Help and be left helpless. Teach and not be taught. Forgive and be forgotten. Trust and be doubted. Pray and be cursed by others. You will be unnoticed, disliked, unloved and unappreciated... But NEVER EVER NEVER let anyone else stop you from being YOU. Because YOU are the one stretching, growing and rising to a better job, career, love, relationship, opportunity. Never subtract the best of you to add the worst of anyone else.

Dear God

March 20, 2020

Dear God I think we are listening, you have our attention!

We are living in times were we as a community, race, country, and families are so divided. Social distancing existed in families, households, and communities everywhere, long before corona. You see people at dinner with their families in restaurants but everyone is in their phones. No one is communicating with each other like they should. You have parents so disconnected from what’s going on in their schools and classrooms. Rather than being and getting involved they are calling on the teachers to do their jobs. You also have parents, students, teachers, and principals who don’t want to be accountable. Not realizing that the system can be fixed if we all are accountable for our roles and work together. As an author and writer you see the need for more focus on reading and writing, yet they overlook it for the math and science testing needs. Yet, reading is fundamental and books shouldn’t be a thing of the past. They give the kids iPad’s, google chrome books, all the technology, etc., The kids cannot even do simple homework assignments because the books and resources are not LIMITED. Us, as parents turn to Google only to learn that unfortunately, they do not have all the answers. 


 So to all of you who think that books are extinct people open your eyes books are a necessity regardless of what you may think. Kids don’t even go outside to play or know how to keep themselves entertained on a rainy day. When I say entertained, I don’t mean sitting in front of their phones or iPad's, I am talking about things to stimulate their brains. Or better yet, be a kid and enjoy playing with dolls, cars or family time with board games. Just helped a High School senior with a “How has life changed over the past 20 years?” essay. I found myself thinking back, more less, reminiscing on how things used to be. When going outside, having a house phone, and face to face conversations meant the world to me. People don’t even write 4 page letters no more and writing in cursive these kids have no clue, Lord help us we got to do better. Race issues still exist, elections, voting issues, warring with, Gun violence, school shootings, missiles, border issues, deportation, misuse and abuse of natural resources, etc., OH MY.


People are forced to spend time with their families and kids. People are forced to work together without an issue of race, nationality, and other demographic backgrounds! People are forced to be mindful of their resources and how they use them. People are forced to take their health serious and take vitamins, drink water and protect themselves and families. Democrats and Republicans aren’t fighting. People are coming together and working together to get this thang under control. Things that are of no importance are put on the back burner and people are refocusing themselves and finding ways to be wise with resources. To stop taking time, life, family, friends and your basic necessities for granted!

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