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Dear Light Skinned... Dark Skinned

Dear Light Skinned...Dark Skinned Documentary/Movie project sheds light on the issues of colorism within the African American race. It has been an issue for years because of its malicious and divisive intent. Many years later we are still discussing, with no resolve. A published author, mentor, speaker, writer, and soon to be movie/filmmaker, from Texas by way of Oklahoma. The project was birthed in 2017 when the Author and her daughter were told, "they don't do light skinned!" This moment ignited something bigger than what she imagined and she is using her gift of writing and years of experience to address the issue with resolve.. A documentary, film, movie, etc., with the potential for so much more. The long term impact has been painful, hurtful, divisive, and most importantly hateful. This project is to bring an end, a resolve, a solution to a deep rooted issue. It has impacted the lives of celebrities, their offspring, and every day people in our communities and within our race. But the bigger question is what are we going to do about it. This is about healing, restoration, and unity that will ignite healing, restoration, and unity within our generation for years to come.

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Tiffany is a Published Author, Mentor, Speaker, Master Certified Life/Group Coach, and Writer. A mother and wife of two beautiful daughters and resides in Richardson, TX. She has over 22 years of impeccable and Prestigious service, not only to her Country (US Army Veteran). But also to the communities of which she has lived and served. She was a model and actress for over 10 years. She has worked with a host of celebrities. As an actress she has graced many stages and a few Blockbuster films.  She is a valuable resource wherever she goes, speaks, and serves. Her resume within the community,  local schools, and churches, speaks for itself. Her success starts and ends with those she serves. She educates, empowers, and equips youth and young adults alike with her wealth of experience, education and service to her country and community. She and her mentees have received state, local, National, Presidential, and International Accolades for their commitment and valuable service. Her impeccable resume with local and charitable organizations extends from Virginia to Dallas.  She is the owner and founder of Oneofakind Girls (17 years +), a degreed Healthcare Administrator (MBA/MHA) member of Women in Film Dallas (WIFD), NBMBAA National Black NBA Association, Girl Scouts Volunteer (18 years +), College Mentor (University of Phoenix), RISD Parent Volunteer (17 years +) and Board Director of Charleston Commons Community . She truly enjoys making an impact in the lives of those she serves. She has also included youth/young adults she has mentored in this project.  Whether it is local, National, Presidential, or International, her impact is far reached. Her goal of using her experience, education, and gifts to provide help, healing, unity, and restoration extends thru her writings. Her relentless service, her selfless heart, and desire to leave a Oneofakind impact on the world. This includes the Dear Light Skinned...Dark Skinned project. One of many projects that creates opportunities for the youth and young adults as well.

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Remon Johnson is an American cinematographer, producer and director. Most recently known for his work in the Devil's Town film series and What's 4 Lunch. Also known as the former co-host of The Vincent Tucker Radio and founder of The Urban Advocate. He has produced multiple online series such as Road To Release, The Underground Access and Fresh Files.

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Linda L. Ranson, Certified Life Coach, Philanthropist, Published Author, Speaker, Filmmaker and HR Business Partner/Recruiter resides in Celina, Texas with her husband and children. Linda Ranson, Owner of Enterprises, LLC. and Renu You Life Coaching. As a Coach and Speaker, Linda will saturate your audience with purpose, power, and passion with a renewed zeal for life. Linda loves helping women shift their lives, reconnect with their strengths, identify coping strategies, and assist with ta​pping into their inner resources so that they live life abundantly. Professionally, she is a member of Dallas Staffing Association, International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC) and Women in Film - Dallas. Linda has a stellar record of community reciprocity – giving of her time, talents and resources to many local and national organizations. She is a board member of Young Achievers America and volunteers for many charitable organizations. Mrs. Ranson has served in various capacities as well as fundraising, project manager and community liaison and Membership Director of the Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce.

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Based out of the DFW area of North Texas, James Murrell is a professional freelance photographer with an impressive body of work from all over the world. James has been a photographer for the past 10 years and has had work in New York, Dallas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Montego Bay, Jamaica, parts of Mexico and the island of St. Thomas, to name a few. A native of Oklahoma City, he began with his own sisters as his muses. He tries with every work to breathe life into each photo and express the intended characteristics displayed by each subject.

James is also a writer and author of one critically acclaimed work entitled, "My Alien Nation". This is a book of poetry, revelations and affirmations that is second to none. You can find "My Alien Nation" on This artist is capable in any arena to far exceed the demand when challenged. Some of his amazing work can be found on and Facebook. 

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Shenell is a business administration professional with over 18 years of experience in management and graphic design. In June 2017, she combined her passion for design along with her management skills to establish Aesthetic Creative Designs. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients creating unique company logo designs, brochures, flyers, business cards, illustrations, videos and presentations.

In addition to her years of experience in the management and design industry, Shenell has a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a Master’s degree in Marketing. 

Thanks Kindly to All who have participated & supported this project so far!

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“We are better together. To leave a OneofaKind impact on the world!”

Tiffany Anderson Weaver "OneofaKind"​

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