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Who We Are...
OneofaKind Girls is ​a men​tor program for females ages 7-24. It was founded in 2005 to address an unmet need in our community. OneofaKind Girls, is a goal and solution oriented mentorship program. Whether it was parents were so consumed with their jobs and life, that they had little time for their children. A lack of mother's or father's in the home. A lack of true mentorship for our young girls be it in church or the community. Tiffany aka Ms. OneofaKind, the owner and founder had just finished her eight year commitment to the U.S. Army/Army National Guard. During her final two years she served as a ADSW Recruiter in Southern parts of Dallas schools and communities. And all others noticed how she had a way with the recruits unlike no other, whether they were a male or female. They often felt comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives seeking direction and guidance with Anderson at the time. It was during this time that she realized she needed to be the solution to the problem. Successfully surviving, healing, and overcoming her own troubled and tragic childhood, she has a way with the young people. She is passionate and feels that if she can, you can too!
She was a model and actress for over seven years and has worked with numerous celebrities. During this time, she saw that the youth of all ages boys and girls were drawn to her. Boys and girls alike came to her openly about their issues. And with her passion, drive, experience, education, and commitment, starting a mentorship program was the solution. Tiffany had previous experience which started in 1998 on the Campus of Hampton University where she volunteered at an Early Childhood Development Center. This eventually led to her keeping the children of some of the college students who were also parents. She would keep the kids to allow the parents a much needed break, while they worked, or ran errands. With that being said Tiffany has over 24 years of service and commitment to the youth of her communities from Virginia to Texas.
OneofaKind Girls, was formed to empower, educate,, and equip! At the time of birth for OneofaKind Girls, Tiffany was the single mother of her first of two daughters. Like any other parent, we are not given a parental guide on how to be a good parent. But something kicked in when she gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter started ballet, gymnastics, and tap dance, at the age of three years old.. She also became a cheerleader and a Girl Scout at the age of five years old.. OneofaKind Girls hosted many events such as bible study, etiquette classes, community service, and events on a monthly basis to teach girls they are loved, beautiful, smart, and important. They are more than capable of doing anything they put their minds to. Oneofakind Girls, is a collaboration of promoting self love, self esteem, overcoming stress and anxiety, a safe place to discuss anything, with promoting community service and leadership. In order to be great leaders the girls must learn the importance of service. Oneofakind Girls, OneofakindTA, LLC, have state, local, national, presidential, and international leadership for their commitment, dedication, and service to the girls and communities where they serve. We educate, we build resumes., and we have numerous programs for the kiddos.
OneofaKind Girls, focus is on community service, self-esteem/value/worth, and leadership. So, in 2005 OneofaKind Girls, was officially birthed.! 


To provide a common place of unity, healing and restoration. To empower, educate, and equip. To encourage, embrace, and support one another, love for self and focus on community service and leadership as we prepare our girls of today for women of the future.




“To leave a OneofaKind impact on the world, one girl, one young lady, at a time!”


Our goal is to ensure that our girls are are empowered, equipped, and educated. . We accomplish this through community service and leadership. Why? Because good leaders know the value of service to others and the importance of relationships. But also in order to lead you must know how to serve. We do not always have to wait until a solution is provided but maybe that they are the solution. To Think outside the box. To encourage OUR girls to focus on self esteem, self value, their passion, their purpose, their gifts and talents, while supporting and embracing others from all walks of life.  To equip and educate our girls about health (mind., body., and soul) and today's current affairs and how it affects your tomorrow. Also, to get our girls to begin thinking about their resumes sooner than later. We want to break the cycle of division which is ailing our community of women today. Reach one Teach one. Because we are much better and stronger together! 



Community service and leadership. Empower, educate, and Equip our young girls of today for the future women they will become! Collaborating with other impeccable organizations in their efforts that are also important to us. Building self-esteem, providing encouragement, love, and support. Writing is also a focus of Oneofakind Girls. It is an excellent form of communication.. The owner and founder credits God and writing for saving and changing her life. We must understand what happens in the house will stay in the house (your body) if you do not release it. Unprocessed emotions are like poison to the mind, body, and soul. So, writing is a part of the foundation for OneofaKind Girls. Sometimes, when you cannot communicate verbally or you feel misunderstood, writing is always helpful, to just release and get it out!

I Am OneofaKind

Our Motto (recited every meeting): I am OneofaKind; I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am created in God’s likeness and image. I am exactly who God created me to be!


Pink diamond is the chosen symbol for the organization. Pink to represent All girls and a diamond because of the process a diamond goes thru. A diamond is renowned as a material with superlative physical qualities. In particular, diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any bulk material. They are described by four characteristics Clarity, Carat, Cut, and Color. A diamond’s beauty comes from both nature and nurture. Nature creates diamond rough of different colors and with different inclusions. Humans cut the rough, choosing which of the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) to prioritize. Should the cutter cut most of the inclusions away to get a high-clarity stone? Or should the cutter try to keep the diamond as large as possible? The quality of a diamond therefore depends on both the raw material and what cutters and polishers choose to do with the diamond. Of the 4Cs, only cut, color and clarity determine diamond quality. Carat doesn’t, because a tiny diamond can be as beautiful and well-crafted as a much larger diamond. And of the 4Cs, only cut is completely within human control for natural, untreated diamonds, because cut is determined by the quality of craftsmanship.


A diamond starts out as nothing but with a lot of heat, carbon, pressure and beating it turns out to something beautiful. In this life you may go thru things but in the end with God, it is really working for your good. Diamonds are beautiful; ironically, they have flaws that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Many of you, as me have scars that are not visible to others but just like me we have overcome them. I want to help girls avoid making some of the mistakes. But more importantly, share things I have learned along the way thru my experience, education, gifts, passion, and purpose.


OneofaKind Girls, have been serving their community through stellar service and leadership for over 23 years. These ladies are the leaders in their schools, their churches, and their communities. The group includes girls from the age of 7-24 years of age and currently working on a program to assist the girls as they transition from college into careers or entrepreneurship. They have collaborated with their local businesses, non profits, and other organizations to serve thousands of hours of impeccable service. These girls are leaders in their churches, schools, and their communities. They have received local, state, National, Presidential, and International leadership accolades and service awards; for their commitment, dedication, and service. They are Girl Scouts which are Girls who are Goal Setters, Innovators, Risk Takers, and leaders. They have numerous programs within the organization from their long standing relationships with leaders within the community. They have a college for free program where they have a 1.5-2hour College for Free seminar with one of the best college and career readiness counselors in the RISD and DISD Communities. They have relationships with numerous organizations that may spike their future interests. They have countless community servicer hours, projects, and opportunities to serve if community service hours are needed (strongly recommended for college, career, and leadership in the future). They have Master certified life, group, professional, and goal oriented life coach opportunities within the organization. This will allow us to assist the girls with age level appropriate guidance and support about life. They have essay writing for college and scholarships. They have writing programs for those who are interested in becoming published authors. They have programs to promote public, inspirational, and or motivational speaking, We are all about community service, leadership, education, resume building, empowering, equipping, and inspiring our girls to be the best version of themselves. To be all that God created them to be!


OneofaKind Girls is a SiStarhood that leads to opportunities that will support you after college, in the next step in your career or if you plan to pursue entrepreneurship.  We are here to continue to empower, equip, and inspire our girls of today for their future tomorrow!


**To join or learn more about OneofaKind Girls, please fill out our contact page or email us at or!**

Due to covid and girls phasing out into college, we are looking to start back with OneofaKind Girls in 2022.





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