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PowerLift Stories Podcast: 

Interview with Mrs. Phyllis Jenkins of Powerful Journey and PowerLift Stories. An interview that is bound to change your life. If he did it for me, he can do it for you. I encourage you to Die Empty, Die Free, and Grow BETTER, Not bitter!

About Us

OneofakindTA, LLC is a successful 100% Veteran woman owned organization. We are determined to leave a Oneofakind impact on the world one book, event, idea, project or step at a time. Whether it is beauty, creative, fashion, inspirational, motivational, life changing, etc., It is a brand that has been in effect over 20 years. We have over 30 years of successful writing experience, 15 years in business and over 20 years of meaningful service in the community and our country. When you leave your project in our hands, we will get it done in a Oneofakind way. Never underestimate the power of small steps because every step you take each day towards your goal, will pay off. Dream BIG but work HARD!

We hope that you will consider, OneofaKindTA & Co on your next project.

"To leave a Oneofakind impact on the world is our goal"

OneofakindTA & Co.

Voyage Magazine Interview 2021

OneofaKindTA, LLC is 100% Veteran woman owned organization that is determined to leave a Oneofakind impact on the world. OneofakindTA provides various services to youth, teens, collegiate' s, and young adults. What started as a name of a model and into a mentoring program for girls ages 7-24 years old. Ultimately, into a full functioning company and brand. OneofakindTA, is a company which provides solutions to everyday problems in our communities. When they noticed the lack of support with young parents on the campus of Hampton University, they stepped in to help. When they noticed their communities lacked mentorship for young girls and boys they stepped in to help. When there was a lack of volunteers with local AAU activities and sports for our local youth. They stepped in and volunteered. When nominated by their College or University to mentor upcoming and future graduates, they stepped in to help. OneofakindTA, Oneofakind Girls, and the future Oneofakind & Co. We have an impeccable record of service in the communities where we live and serve. Whether it was serving as a US Army Veteran four our country, locally, state, presidential or international we have done it.  

OneofaKind, Girls

 A mentoring program with purpose, that works with girls from ages 7-24 years old and the opportunity to transfer into the collegiate/young adult program. The goal is to empower, equip, and educate our girls of today, for the women they will become. From being mentored to becoming mentors. 

  • To educate - Helping young girls/ladies/women understand who they are

  • To empower - Once they know who they are, they become more confident, stronger, and more powerful. This helps them become more secure in who they are and will become.

  • To equip - Provide them the tools and the resources they need to be successful in life. (includes resume building, essay writing, community service, leadership opportunities, community collaboration, college for free seminar, Presidential Awards/Acknowledgements, Letter of Recommendations, and countless opportunities, etc.,)


Oneofakind Girls has a impeccable record of service, dedication, and commitment to the girls, the youth, young ladies, and the communities they serve. Through activities, community service, leadership, and the development of character, confidence, and self esteem. Life and group coaching from a Master certified Life|Group|Professional Coach. And collaboration with local organizations provides the environment of success that OneofaKind Girls has gained over its 17 plus years.  We are looking forward to working with local schools, churches, and organizations to expand our mentoring services to fulfill the need. 

OneofaKindTA, LLC

 With over 23 years of Stellar service within the community, local schools, and local churches. OneofakindTA, LLC has successfully mentored, served, and educated countless youth, teens, and young adults. They have a successful "College for Free!" Seminar in partnership with a top ranked District College and Career Readiness Counselor. They assist High School seniors and collegiates with essay writings for college entrance and scholarships. They provide inspirational and motivational speaking on a range of topics. They provide ghostwriting and special project services. They volunteer in their local communities, churches, and schools. They assist the youth in obtaining what they need to earn scholarships from community service and leadership. Recently, Life Coaching classes and program were added to the list of  of services offered. The organization continues to earn local, state, national, Presidential, and International accolades and awards for their service. Please fill out the contact page for more information on how we can partner with you in serving your needs.


OneofaKindTA, LLC

 "To leave a Oneofakind impact on the world!"

Interviews with OneofaKind:

A Glimpse into Who We Are...

What are people saying about OneofaKindTA

Wow, her book is amazing. I heard Tiffany speak bits and pieces over the last few years about her life growing up. When she told me in January this year that she was writing a book about not only what she endured but about how GOD's hands brought her through it all, I could hardly wait to read it and wow I put it down several times to let it sink in and it's a short read but it took me a couple of weeks to finish it. I couldn't imagine this at all, so. Thank you Tiffany for being brave enough to ​bare your struggle but also being willing to bare witness God's love and grace.

Donita Foster - McKinney TX

A year ago, I decided to go back to college and I reached out to Ms. Oneofakind for her to assist me with my University entrance essay. She without hesitation, immediately she reached out with what she needed to assist me with the essay! Needless to say, I am an currently an undergrad student at UTD Dallas. Writing is her gift and I wish I had it. What I love most is that she doesn't just assist you with writing she always provides helpful tips to ensure that I become better at expressing myself through writing. Thanks for always assisting me with my writing needs. I highly recommend her for your next writing or editing project!

Kizzy Terrell - College Student, Dallas TX

Reading her novel is a severe reality check on your current conditions. Tiffany's triumph through so much is heartbreaking, yet inspirational. There is many times where you think that her situation could not possibly get any worse, and it does. The important part of this narrative, which I will not spoil, is the ascension out of the these circumstances and what is formed after is remarkable. This book is for those who lose perspective and need a reality check. This novel serves as a testimonial, and also illustrates The Most High work in time. An Excellent read!!!

Calvin Jackson - Dallas TX

MY NEW FAVORITE WRITER... Words cannot express the healing and blessings that i have received from her book. Entering through someone else's hurt and pain helped me to go head on with my own. This book takes you out of your body and out of your mind and really makes you go back and re-evaluate your hurt because you truly want to be healed. This amazing woman was able to put herself in a position to be used by God on levels an average person wouldn't have even survived.  God Bless the author and I am praying for many more reads to come!

Arri Ware --- Dallas, TX

I had the opportunity to refer and work with Tiffany on an editing project. I reached out to her and with no hesitation she immediately responded, and we begin working on the process. When I say, her service was AMAZING, it was an understatement. She went over and beyond what we could have asked for. Her promptness in getting the project back to us. And with a short time frame she was able to secure contacts for the news and radio outlets. She also was able to secure a printing deal with a rush return time within the allotted budget. I would recommend OneofakindTA services on your next project.

Danielle McCraney - Dallas TX

I appreciate the assistance with writing college essays for scholarships.

Jordyn Vicente - Keller TX

This is an amazing story of how a woman, through her faith in God, was able to heal past the horrible things done to her since childhood. Told in a very conversational way, she shares transparently the events of her life and how she was able to forgive and grow into a productive and happy adult. I had to walk away a couple of times from reading the insane treatment she received, but I had to come back to see the end.

Lee Carver - Texas Editor & Writer

I am so proud of all you have accomplished. We are so glad to be your SiStar and friend. You always have a way with words. Thanks for being so supportive and courageous. You see the light even in dark situations. Your books and writings are an inspiration. Thanks. Your SIC

Erika Shorter - Rockwall TX

A few years ago, I had just started to work with Tiffany a few months. I heard she was an excellent writer and my daughter needed to freshen up her essay to become a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc. She gladly assisted, quickly edited the essay, and we truly appreciate her gift and eye for writing. It helped solidify my membership. Thanks for providing excellent service.

Leslie McCuin - Dallas TX

I've been fortunate to have worked with Oneofakind my entire life. Anytime we had a project to do for school, Girl Scouts or anything, she always thought outside of the box. Sometimes, I felt she went over & beyond but my projects, events & ideas were always Oneofakind. She taught me that you never get a chance to make a first impression & to always do your best. When I completed my Girl Scouts Gold Award, a project that will impact the world, she made sure that I did the work to ensure it was professional & made an impact. We did just that I want to say, if you use her for any service, she will not disappoint.

Jia Anderson - Prairie View A&M

Keep following your passion for writing Tiffany. You are a light in a dark world like Jesus. Your enthusiasm and joy is contagious. I’m am truly blessed by you. It was hard to read about the trauma she endured as a child. My heart broke many times for her. But I would have never known that she went through such pain looking at her today. She is a very positive person that sparkles and shines as she tells me the next thing she's working on. She has come so far in her life and she gives all the credit to God. God has blessed her with healing that is beyond comprehension. I've know people that have gone through less trauma but are so wounded that they may never fully recover. It takes many years and years of therapy and great courage to see the light of day not to mention comprehend and accept God's love. I am thankful that Tiffany is a talented writer so she could tell her story to help others. May God bless her and keep her always.

Anita Sanders - Flower Mound TX

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